23. August 2014

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is located in the royal park of the Italian town Monza, in the northeast of Milan. Construction began on May 15th of 1922 and the circuit was completed within 110 days. The first race took place on September 3rd in 1922. The former racetrack looked like an oval made of two steep face bends connected by two 1,070 km straights. The track surface is made of tarred gravel and concrete. The original race track underwent numerous modifications to cope with the rising speed of racing cars. Especially the design of the steep face bends became obsolete. In 1955 the bends became higher at a 320 degrees angle and a progressive gradient up to 80% and, hence, allowed the racing cars to go up to 285 km/h. From 1955 to 1961, the oval, combined with a street circuit, was used as a racetrack for the Grand Prix of Italy. The circuits also hosted the famous Race of Two Worlds, known as ‘Monzanapolis’ in that drivers of American Champion Car series competed against Formula 1 pilots. Some fatal accidents line the history of the racetrack. Yet today, the steep face bends (Curva di Sopraelevata) are in the shadow of the ultra-secure 5,793 km Formula 1-circuit, annual venue for the Gran Premio d’Italia.

Monza // Konzept

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